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Abortion, by some people, is assumed as an illegal act and considered a crime against humanity. At the same time living in this world of modernization and advancement of scientific technology, others advocate that some times abortion becomes a necessity, thus abortion must be legal and moral. Therefore the debate is between the two schools of thought, pro-life and pro-abortion.
The world has shrunk into a global village. Now each and every issue has gained due importance. Taking the case of abortion, it became a conflicting issue between the liberal and the conservative schools of thought.
On one side the conservatives believes that abortion is a crime against humanity and it is next to killing a human being. Therefore there is no need to let the women participate in making decisions for abortion as the women do not understand the side effects; they believe that abortion will harm her physical and psychological health.

What is Abortion?

Basically abortion is related to the removal of the fetus from the uterus of the mother prior to reaching the stage of viability. This is the early pregnancy period that is usually 20 weeks. Therefore, abortion basically means killing of an infant that is not yet fully prepared to come in the world or some say that it is equal of murdering a human life.

Is Abortion a Necessity?

Regarding abortion there are two different schools of thought, one believes that this is the legal and moral right of a women, while the opponent believes that abortion is not only an illegal act but also something more then immoral. Thus they belong to the conservative school of thought and are very strict in their beliefs.
On the contrary, the liberal school of thought believes that abortion is not only the necessity of time. Also, keeping in mind certain situations in some critical cases, it becomes necessary to perform an abortion.
It is true that we are not living in the world of dreams. The practicality is to face the challenges of the time and live within the time and to challenge the time is no wise decision.
Therefore one needs to understand the aspects, the psychological and the psychical effects of either keeping an illegal, immoral pregnancy or aborting. It is very important to realize the purpose and logic of ones acts.

Circumstances Under Which Abortion Becomes Necessary

In many cases, to abort a baby is really not the will of a mother but some times due to certain conditions she has to take this decision. These certain conditions make abortion moral and legal.
For instance, where there is the question of saving either life, i.e. the life of a baby or mother, in this condition it becomes important for the doctor to decide. Here the necessity of abortion is realized when one puts the question of saving humanity. On one hand is a fetus that is still not fully developed while on the other hand is the mother who is fully alive and has many other responsibilities in the world. In this case it becomes very critical to decide, but the logical and wise decision is to go for an abortion but at the same time it is very important to understand the means and necessity of aborting an infant.
Similarly, sometimes abortion is carried out due to illegal pregnancy, either by rape or the youth involved in fulfilling their sexual desires which results in pregnancy. Therefore this is very important to understand the cause of abortion. In the above case if pregnancy is an out come of rape or incest then it is legal. But when it resulted because of carelessness, it becomes illegal as abortion simply becomes a way of correcting one’s folly.
It should be understood that abortion is basically immoral but it is legal and moral in certain conditions. It should be kept in mind that the reasons of abortions should be valid and strong enough. If it is a question of life and death, abortion becomes a necessity.

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