Dangers of Borax in Food

Written By technology factory on Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 17:43

Borax is a compound that can improve food texture resulting in a good way in foods such as meatballs and crackers. Meatballs using borax has a different elasticity of cash from the meatballs that use a lot of meat, so crisp and well liked and durable. Medium crackers containing borax will expand when fried and soft, nice and crunchy texture. In industry, borax is used to preserve wood, timber and anti-septic control cockroaches. Borax are absorbed through the intestine, damaged skin and mucous membranes. If taken for long periods or repeatedly will have a toxic effect. In acute health effects are vomiting and diarrhea. In the long run can cause indigestion, decreased appetite, anemia, hair loss, and cancer
The characteristics of food containing borax:
1. Meatball
- When thrown to the floor would bounce like a ball.
- The smell was not natural. There are other smells that appear.

- More chewy than the meatballs without borax. 
-If bitten by going back into shape. 
- Durable or lasting several days. 
-The color looks more white
- Meatball safe fresh gray uniform in all parts, both at the edge or middle.
2. Brown sugar
-Very loud and hard to split.
- Visible beads of shiny on the inside

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