Downloading Text Alert Sounds and Some Safety Precautions

Written By technology factory on Saturday, 5 November 2011 | 17:36

There are a lot of fun ways to manage and personalize phones. Some people are annoyed when they would receive a message because there would be an annoying sound released on the phone but with the use of some wacky text alert sounds, people would laugh. There are text messaging alert sounds based on farm animals, some are hilarious while others sound like cartoon characters. There are millions of alert sounds to choose from and some of them can be found on the net. There are millions of websites that offer free items for mobile phones. Some of them are so cool that hundreds of users have already downloaded them while others are brand new. Some wallpapers and text sounds are actually created by other users. Since there are applications on the computer that can be used to create games and wallpapers, PC experts would just create their own wallpapers.
For those who do not know anything about designing and creating tracks and wallpapers, they can just download it on the net. There are websites that offer mp3 tracks and text alert sounds for users and most of them are free for download. However, some sites like forums require users to log in their username and password so that they can download some songs. Some sites also require users to pay a membership fee so that they can download a lot of files. Whatever type of site to visit, users can just download a site through the use of a download service.
After downloading the file, there are a couple of ways to send them through phone. Most sites would require the user to post their mobile phone numbers to that the files would be shared through a MMS service site. For downloaded files, users would need a data or cell phone cable which would be connected to a USB port. Some cell phones also have a synchronization or mobile suite application used to connect and set the cell phones to the computer. The mobile suite application would allow sharing of important documents, numbers and even files on the cell phone to computer. Through blue tooth connection, users can also connect with the computer or with other cell phone users. The files would then be shared from one phone to the next provided that the file to be shared is based on installation.
However, users should also know that there are dangerous files that can transfer through phone. Some viruses are created for cell phones and most of them are really harmful. There are viruses that would send multiple messages to other phones in order to share the virus. There are also viruses that blocks network and connection services while at the same time turns the cell phone off. In order to prevent this from happening, users can just install a mobile anti virus to block out any threats. Through the use of an anti virus and through turning the Bluetooth off when not in use, phone owners would be safe from any viruses that would enter their phone.

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