How to Avoid Losing Your Data to the Slothful PC Computer Technician

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This issue in the PC repair profession rates near near the top of my frustration list of practices by some Computer repair technicians. I am referring to the pattern of a few unskilled PC repair "Gurus", and even a couple of big company franchises, taking the easy way out to restore a Computer by telling the computer owner that they must erase the hard drive and Reimage everything.
Hi, I am Bill Arnoldi, owner of FireBall Tech Computer Repair in Tucson, Arizona. In my judgment, I am still attempting to ascertain how an individual can call wiping and reinstalling a "fix" for any Computer repair trouble. On my list of redresses, that is my final solution. Generally it kinda leaves me feeling a bit defeated. But, since I seldom have to ever come to that, I think only three or four times in the last eighteen years, it is not a crucial issue for me.
So why do a lot of Desktop Computer repair technicians find it so simple to end up destroying the client's data and erasing their hard drive as a resolution to a PC Computer repair problem? Here are a couple of of the reasons.
1. They in truth do not know how to resolve the trouble. This is the number one rationality. Most of the time this is the approach most frequently applied by "Gurus" that have next to no skill in really troubleshooting and fixing PC Computers, you are aware of who they are. Its the person, oftentimes barely out of high school, that grew up playing with computers and constructed their own gaming system so he supposes they are good at fixing PC computers, or the individual that read the computer repair books and proceeded to get a certificate because they answered all the questions right on a piece of paper. Any way it goes, they just don't have the experience and this is their sole solution to a somewhat difficult issue. What is worse is they are taking advantage of the client that is relying on their "expert" decision that this is the ONLY resolution to their trouble, oftentimes leaving the client with a feeling of regret for not having backed up all their data, documents and photos and losing them because of the Reimage.
2. Time and money equals profits. It takes more effort and time to troubleshoot and attempt remedial actions on a Desktop Computer with complex problems. Often a client is looking for the best cost for the Computer repair. In order to remain competitive and keep a bulk of business, a Desktop Computer repair company may resort to the erase and reinstall of a PC since it uses significantly less time than really resolving the matter. Thus, they can make a lot more money by selecting the fastest road to getting the Desktop Computer up and running again. Again this is not ordinarily in the consumer's best interest because they end up by and large losing their information and needing to Re-image many of of their software applications on their own.
3. Laziness. This constitutes a small amount of both of the preceding plus a terrible mental attitude, but is really self-explanatory. The PC Computer tech or the company doctrine is to take the easy way out, avert potential ramifications, get the Computer out the door remedied, and do so with the least effort, time and expense. It is a "repair mill" outlook. In general, they just don't worry about the client. Rather, it is all about whatever is easiest and most gainful. Again, the customer becomes an unenlightened dupe of amateurish business mental attitudes and patterns.
A comment response by a self-professed PC repair guru on a forum posting by another newbie technician asking "What's a good turnaround time on PC fix for consumers?" read the succeeding: "It really depends on clientele, If you want to do this in a full time extent, you should be able to do this in about 8 to 12 hours. If you just reimage the Computer it shouldn't take more than 2 hours." I guess we know how he operates.
A trustworthy technician can resolve nearly any problem without resorting to erasing a hard drive and reimaging the operating system, also referred to as reimaging a Desktop Computer. A computer repair technician with a real concern for the client's best interest will use everything in their arsenal to restore a problem before resorting to a complete reimaging of a Desktop Computer system.
In my own Tucson PC Computer repair company, I can site multiple examples wherein a customer brought in a PC Computer to me because they were told by another PC repair person that it was inevitable to reimage the customer's PC resulting in full loss of their data, only to discover that indeed, it could be fixed without any loss. Yes, sometimes it costs more than than reimaging a system as a result of the extended repair processes, but the client more frequently than not would preferably pay a bit more than lose all their information, and all too often, their favorite libraries of family memories on the PC in digital pictures.
My suggestion to consumers is to inquire around and ascertain the reputation of the Computer repair tech. Don't be unguarded and easily assume a PC Computer repair technician's assertion that a total wipe and Re-install of the hard drive is required. Drill them on the causes why it is inevitable, and what the choices are. At the very least, always tell a Desktop Computer repair person or company that they should reach you for authorization prior to wiping your hard drive and reimaging your Desktop Computer. Be aware as well, that many of the nationwide franchise operations use a business model wherein a series of mandated stripped-down troubleshooting gradations are taken on before the company policy prescribes a complete Re-image of the PC Computer is imposed for trouble resolution.

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