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Infertility is basically a disease of the reproductive system that hinders the working of one of the body’s most primary systems: the reproductive system and consequent conception of children.
Conception is a complex process that is determined and affected by many factors such as the production of healthy sperm by the man and healthy eggs by the woman; unblocked fallopian tubes that let the sperm reach the egg; the sperm's ability to fertilize the egg when they meet; the ability of the fertilized egg (embryo) to become implanted in the woman's uterus; and adequate embryo quality. Also, for the pregnancy to continue and result in a live birth the embryo must be healthy and the woman’s hormonal composition must be satisfactory. If any one of the above factors is missing, the result is infertility.

Circumstances Of Infertility

Although this condition is one in which one may feel bad for the lack of the ability of not being able to have a kid or impregnate a woman, the feeling is common and is important to know that you are not alone. More than 6.1 million Americans fight this every year. Many of them have to deal with the problem of having to deal with stress because of the medicines, financial problems and the psychological distress caused by the disease.
For a condition like infertility, it would be unfair to blame anyone. At an average, around one-third of infertility cases can be attributed to male factors, and about one-third to factors that affect women. The rest of the times, infertility is usually a result of a combination of inadequacies in both partners or, as in about 20 percent of cases, can not be explained.
For men, common infertility factors are ‘azoospermia’, when no sperm cells are produced and ‘oligospermia’ when few sperm cells are produced. Genetic diseases rarely play a role in causing infertility in men. For women, the most commonly detected female infertility factor is an ovulation disorder. Other causes are usually blocked fallopian tubes or Congenital anomalies. Infertility can sometimes be countered by in vitro fertilization which offers a solution to women with blocked or absent fallopian tubes, and men with low sperm counts.

Infertility Conditions Are Cureable

What must be remembered at this time that nearly all cases of infertility at least 90% of them can be cured through treatment not forgetting that they are surgical and medical treatments which are available these days. There are some conditions that you can and cannot control when you have an infertility condition. Some of the conditions that you can control is explained in the next paragraph and following it are some of the conditions that are just out of reach.
An individual using tobacco and marijuana which counts for low sperm count consumption of alcohol in excess is another factor that counts towards low sperm count. Ejaculation or Masturbation to frequently or infrequently according to experts also count towards Low sperm count.
The frequent timing of having intercourse, the ideal time to have sex is after 36 hours of the first intercourse. This gives the woman the time to ovulate, having sex everyday although increases the chance of pregnancy but it also counts towards low sperm count.
Intense excising could be responsible for the low sperm count in men and prevents the ovulation process in women.
Increased temperature in the male scrotal area; this is due to the reason of using hot tubs, and steam baths too often.

There Are Some Things That Can't Be Controlled Which Include The Following

  • Problems with either of the reproductive systems which occurred during birth.
  • DES which is a medication that is given to mothers who were expecting during the years of 1948 & 1971 to prevent miscarriages. So if your mother took the medication but it cannot be helped if you face the problem of infertility.
  • If you work in conditions are extremes such as radiation which would include cancer chemotherapy.
  • If you have had STD’s in the past which could have injured the reproductive system.

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