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In a girl, the age of puberty comes when she has menstruation. This stage can sometimes be very confusing for girls. Some are very eager when the stage comes and some are afraid and are anxious when this period is going to start.
Girls normally go through the menstruation stage between the ages of 8 and 13; which lead to many changes both physically and emotionally due to the hormones in ones body. The first menstrual period for a girl usually occurs when her breasts begin to develop. The menstruation cycle starts about two or two and half years after the development of them.

Understanding the Menstruation Process

To understand the process of menstruation, it is important to understand the reproductive section of a female being. Girls are born with fallopian tubes, ovaries and a uterus. The ovaries are located on both sides of the pelvis which is the lowest part of the abdomen.
Fallopian tubes resemble spaghetti but are much thicker. These tubes reach out from the top of the ovaries to the womb (uterus). When a girl reaches the age of puberty the pituitary gland releases hormones which encourage the ovaries to fabricate other hormones namely estrogen and progesterone. The hormones produced have an effect on the physical and mental growth of a girl.
Every once a month an egg from the ovary escapes down to one of the fallopian tubes and travels to the uterus because of the process called ovulation. Before this process can start, the uterus walls are cushioned with extra blood and tissue which makes the walls of the uterus like a cushion where the egg that has left the ovary due to the process of ovulation rests.

Menstrual Cycle in Women

This egg, if fertilized begins the pregnancy process. If there is no fertilization the extra tissue and blood is degenerated from the uterus and is taken out of the body via the vagina. This process is known as the menstrual process. This process occurs in about once in a month. Menstruation does not happen only in two conditions, if the woman is pregnant or if she has reached menopause.
Seeing so much blood may be an alarming fact for most people. This may look a lot but in reality it is only about two or three teaspoons or less than half a cup of blood lost during the menstrual period.

Things to Remember About Menstrual Cycle

  • Remember, a menstrual cycle is only loss of unwanted blood and tissue that get in the uterus because of the way women are designed for reproduction.
  • If you find that you are loosing way much blood or have a question about pains felt during this period or not having your periods at all, consult your doctor
  • There are pads, tampons and liners that are available from various manufactures for use during the menstruation period.
  • These menstruation pads help in soaking the blood and help you progress during the day normally, without having to worry about the process.
Menstruation is an embarrassing fact for most girls. However, this in no way should have dire straits in her life; which would mean that fun and games should not be excluded from ones life.

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