Rapid Broadband Communication To Keep Your Business On Track

Written By technology factory on Saturday, 5 November 2011 | 17:08

Business has changed. Once things moved at the speed of the fax machine, now we’re in an age of instant business transmitted through the Internet. One-click purchases, faster broadband speeds and instant streaming have made us all a ‘right now’ generation of consumers.
Business needs to keep up with this breakneck pace if it is to succeed. It’s no longer acceptable to have to wait for the latest sales report to download (if it’s a pdf file that could be a long wait!). Businesses expect the information to be at their fingertips as soon as they click the mouse.
So is your broadband up to the job? Or is it the weak link in your organisation?
Business broadband packages
If you’re lucky, you might be getting a download speed in double figure MB/s. However for the majority of the country, the broadband system is still slower than in other major international business centres such as Tokyo, Hong Kong or New York. So what should you be looking for in a business broadband package?
You should be aiming for a comprehensive service that gives you both speed and reliability. Other things to look out for are:
• A reliable network with minimal downtime
• easily installed and simple upgrade bandwidth speeds
• suitability for all applications from Internet access, VoIP, CCTV and data transfer
• a good return on your investment and competitive pricing
• It should allow you to budget easily with a fixed monthly charge
The complete broadband experience
There’s always a human element to every business partnership and your relationship with your broadband supplier should be no different. A good business broadband package should offer you more than just faster download speeds. Finding the right supplier means looking for one that can provide you with a comprehensive support network. Instant information access is key to your business success. What you don’t want is to miss that all-important email because your server is ‘full’ or the system is ‘down for routine maintenance’.
Look for a provider that also offers you those little extras such as real-time email retrieval or one that has a network of back-up servers to ensure continuity of service. It is the little things such as these that can make all the difference, particularly if that email is confirmation of a big order!
Fibre optic – the next generation of broadband
With a world hungry for faster and faster broadband, the introduction of fibre optic into the broadband network will increase speed and reliability dramatically. Make sure that your business broadband package is future proofed and that there is the capacity to upgrade as and when you need to. By choosing a specialist business broadband supplier, you are opening up a world of possibilities, a better business reputation and the peace of mind that your communications network is secure. Don’t limit your business’s potential by limiting your broadband.

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