Text Message Tones, Videos and Cell Phone Features

Written By technology factory on Saturday, 5 November 2011 | 17:03

The best thing about cell phones is that you can put any file on them. From videos to music, anything can be placed on the cell phone. The files that can be uploaded on a phone depend on the features and applications of a phone. Some file formats can be opened easily on a phone however some rely on the applications stored on a mobile phone. For instance, some videos can be played on a certain mobile phone while some cannot be played on other phones. This is because of the codec, file type and dimensions of the video. The size of the video would be the deciding factors since the screen of some phones are too small for playing large size videos. The music as well as the text message tones would also be decided by the format of the file since some phones are not equipped with the latest features.
However, much as some of the files cannot be played on a cell phone, the applications can be used to open most of them. For instance, most manufacturers have a word processing application for their phones wherein people can open word files. Some software manufacturers even created a codec application wherein people can play any type of video file. However, unlike the codec used in a desktop, the codec in a cell phone is limited so people need to convert the file first before they can actually play it on a cell phone. There are also some applications on the computer that converts videos to other formats so cell phone owners should remember to install them before acquiring any music, videos or text message tones.
There are some cell phones that require a special kind of software to work. The software that would be needed is a synchronization application which is used to integrate the cell phone with the computer. Without the software, owners would not be able to connect their cell phones on their computer. The software is usually copied on a CD and distributed together with the phone. However, when the owner looses the CD, some cell phone companies share their files on their official websites so that owners can just download the files and then install it on a computer. The data cable which connects the computer and the phone is also needed.
The storage unit where the files can be placed can either from the phone’s memory or through a memory stick. The memory stick depends on the size and the capacity for storage. Memory sticks also depend on the type of cell phone unit since there are memory sticks that are really small and designed for smaller phones while there are some that are unusually large. Some older units do not allow large capacity memory sticks since such phones are not equipped with a large RAM to operate such files. Like computers, cell phones also have RAM or Random Access Memory which is used to open large files as well as for the use of various applications.

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