7 Negative Effects of Facebook

Written By technology factory on Wednesday, 7 December 2011 | 10:26

In the level of 1 to 10, how much do you like Facebook? If you put yourself in the scale of 7 or even more, such as 10, you better think twice. Why do you have to think twice? It is because Facebook has negative effects, apart from the positive sides. Maybe you will ask, “What are the negative sides of Facebook??!” We will give you the answers inside this article.
So many Facebook users, especially teenagers do not realize the negative effects of Facebook. Is it because they are already addicted to Facebook? If they are, as we already know, addiction may lead into negative things if we cannot control it.

Here are 7 Negative Effects of Facebook:

Does not Care about His/Her Surroundings

When someone already addicted to Facebook, there is a big possibility that he/she would not care about his/her surroundings. This guy only care about his/her world.

Less Social Interaction

Maybe you have a lot of friends in Facebook. However, how often do you interact with them in the real world? Come on, you are human! Human are social creature.
You will reduce your social skills, communication skills as well as verbal skills if you spend most of your time with the internet. Do not do that. Appreciate yourself!

Bad for Health

Obesity would be one of many Facebook negative effects. Surely you will be fatter.
You reduce your physical activity, only sitting in front of the monitor and snacking all the time definitely. By the end of the month, you have made yourself become less attractive in front of your opposite sex.

Reduce the Time for Study

You still go to school, right? So, why don’t you stop browsing Facebook now and turn into educative website which relates to your school subject?

Less Family Concern

Family comes first. Do these words still have its meaning for Facebookers? Sometimes, Facebook friends are more important than those of family members.

Privacy Blow Up

Never ever put your personal data in detail, especially in a social site like Facebook. Unless you do not want to have privacy or maybe you want to be contacted by a lot of people that you do not recognize at all.

Possibility of Conflict

If you are addicted to Facebook, maybe you know that there are so many immature people who create stupid status, upload embarrassing picture and many other ridiculous actions. These actions are definitely a very good way to set up conflicts with others.

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Dunia Blog said...

untungnya udah gak keranjingan lagi ama pesbuk...
mending blogging ah banyak manfaatnya..

Kejadian FAcebook "Off" Kemarin Ternyata Berdampak Besar said...

semua pasti ada efek p[ositif dan negatifnya. Dan sepertinya FB itu memberi dampak positif bagi dunia bisnis, buktinya FB off bentar aja uda banyak yg kelimpungan. Info selengkapnya bisa kunjungi blog (maaf spam bos)
anda jg boleh copas kok (kan sama2 bertema teknologi), tapi jgn brutal ya hehehehe..

loverianet said...

Hi, I am Narvada. Right now I am creating a blog about Internet and everyday life issues where Facebook is linked to. So, I felt concerned d by this article of yours and my view is that I personally think Facebook is not the cause of bad things in our life but it is our mismanagement of time, life and Facebook makes this tool looks bad.
I do not really agree that Facebook has only 7 negative sides as the negative as you may biased for the fact that you are giving your point of view. As in some cases, it might be good for a some and bad for others . So it is subjective!
However, it has been shown to us by the news shows that Facebook is exerting a dramatic impact upon many of us. To some extent it true that Facebook has many bad sides but it comes bad only if one uses it in the wrong way. Hence, I think one should not trust privacy online and instead be more cautious about the every post that one publishes. Then Facebook will no more be a reputation eraser but instead a profile manager which will display your profile as per the degree of security the user has opted for. In this way, maturity is the key to use that tool properly. Why not educating kids, parents and everyone about ‘facebooking’ in a safe way?
Here is my link http://internetandeverydaylife102.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/91/
Join in and lets us have a debate on this issue over there!

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